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Computer Forensics
The Data Investigation Group is licensed and trained in the use of several Forensic toolkits including NTI's Incident Response Suite and Guidance Software's Encase.  Evidence can be located in a number of places on a computer that are all but invisible without the proper skills and equipment.  The data forensic analyst can be faced with a number of unique challenges:

  • Deleted files, slack space, swap space, hidden partitions on computer hard drives.
  • Current email applications and the proprietary format of their mailbox files.
  • Electronic Organizers and PDAs.
The Data Investigation Group can address all these issues, and more, in the analysis of your case.

Data Recovery
Using the same skills that used for Forensic Investigations the Data Investigation Group can recover data from corrupted media that appear otherwise irretrievable.

Litigation Support in the disclosure of electronic records
Meeting the requirements of a civil discovery request can be both time intensive and cost prohibitive without the proper technical support. Standard electronic searches can prove to take far too long and yield inaccurate results without the proper tools. Consider the fact that standard desktop computers now contain dozens of gigabytes of electronic storage. A market information provider estimated that 31 billion email messages were generated each day in 2002. How is the client and counsel expected to accurately wade through such a quagmire of data in a time/cost efficient manner?

A strategy needs to be developed with counsel to determine what records are subject to the discovery request. The Data Investigation Group will provide the necessary support and technical expertise to work with counsel in meeting the discovery requirements in a time and cost effective manner. Using the same specialized tools that allow us to quickly scan volumes of data for evidence, we will work with you to zero in on those electronic documents you require.

Software Engineering Litigation Consultant
Kevin Black, the managing partner of the Data Investigation Group, has served as a consultant in civil litigation on matters of theft of software intellectual property and software design. With both advanced degrees in Computer Science and independent vendor certification of his skills his insight could prove valuable to your case.


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